CHITTER Edit is a fictional website within my Seaport World, it is mostly based of, this website allows you to follow, befriend, chat and hastag anything, the website was founded in 2009.


Chitter was founded by Tim Wilde in 2009, he came up with the idea in college and took it from there, in 2010 it became very popular, in 2013 it is used by thousands of celeberitys and millions of other users, your user name is found by other people by either clicking on your face from a link, or from searching your user name in the search bar (Example: @CristonNewton) people also hastag words in a tweet to help people find them on twitter (Example: #Partylate #nohate #nofilter)


in 2011 people started using Chitter to track peoples, not only internet adresses, but also there real home adresses, this sparked large controversy, Chitter quickly fixed the problem and assured that NO ONE can find your location through Chitter ever again.